Our equipment

We are equipped with top quality, A-brand equipment.

  • Our own cars are two modified Landcruiser V8 and an equally powerful Nissan Patrol Pickup. This allows us to carry the large loads required for the trip.
  • For self drive we will use Toyota Landcruisers V6 with low mileage. In our opinion, these are the best and most reliable vehicles for sand. We prefer automatic transmission as this allows drivers to concentrate on the terrain. Also it means there is no risk of burning the clutch out when getting unstuck.
  • Navigation: Large screen Garmin devices with BirdsEye satellite imaging. Printed roadbook providing a hard copy of the complete route.
  • Communication: Professional 2-way radio systems and an Iridium satellite phone (remember, there’s no GSM coverage where we go!).
  • Camping gear: Comfortable canvas Skydome tents with built-in thick mattresses. The top can even be zipped open so you can watch the stars from your bed 😉 Comfortable chairs to sit around the campfire. Big tables, cups, plates, pots and pans and an 80 liter fridge to enjoy cold drinks. A large grill rack for some serious meat grilling!
  • Recovery gear: All the essentials such as kinetic ropes, shovels, ARB air compressor, sand plates, tyre repair kit and a basic tool kit.
  • Small generator so you can charge your electronic devices in the evening.

Your equipment

Guest are advised to bring:

  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Long sleeve shirt and closed light shoes
  • Sunscreen, lip protector
  • Sleeping bag (for hygiene purposes we do not provide these)
  • Pillow (foldable outdoors type) and sleeping bag (light, cotton)
  • Flashlight (head mounted) and pocket knife (to cut the seatbelt in emergency)
  • Toiletries
  • Chargers and protective bags for your electronics
  • Your favorite music (uploaded on your phone)


  • Please inform us in advance of any allergies or dietary wishes
  • Please be advised that bringing drones and professional film cameras to Oman and using them there is restricted, requiring a permit from the authorities.
  • Most nationalities (EU, USA) can obtain a visa on arrival. If in doubt, please check for yourself.
  • Please travel light. All luggage must fit in a small/medium soft bag. No hard cases/trolleys. You can leave stuff you need for the rest of your trip with us and pick it up after the desert.