Self Drive Desert Adventures in Oman

In Summary

  • Join us in exploring the Rub Al Khali desert – one of the world’s most extreme ecosystems.
  • See the most spectacular and remote expanses of sand dunes in the region.
  • Driven by expert drivers or self-drive if you want maximum thrills.
  • Learn from master drivers how to cross the high dunes with desert driving lessons.
  • Camp, BBQ and chill out after a hard day’s drive under the stars with your friends.
  • Small groups of up to ten people plus experienced crew. Only two people per car (self-drive).
  • Fully customized trips from three to six days – or more.
  • Perfect for unique team building events or out-of-the-box (peer-) coaching.
  • Also possible with your own vehicle (overlanders).

Watch the video from our most extreme expedition: Muscat to Salalah through the Empty Quarter - 1500km in total. In cooperation with Alila Hotels and Canvas Club.

Who we are

Dunes and Stars is operated by two partners and friends: Jurjen Duintjer (Dutch) and Abdullah Mashaikhi (Omani). Sharing a great passion for cars and desert driving, they have extensive experience of organizing and operating desert tours.

Jurjen Duintjer

Jurjen lives in Dubai, UAE. As an entrepreneur and investor he co-owns several businesses. He is the route planner and navigator. Living and working in Oman from 2008 to 2014 inspired him to set up Dunes and Stars in order to show others this remote but stunning part of the world and share his passion for adventure with more people.

Abdullah Mashaikhi

Abdullah lives in Muscat. With vast experience guiding tourists around the beautiful sites of Oman, he is also very skilled in desert driving and enjoys teaching others how to master the sand. When Abdullah is not taking tourists into the desert, he can be found in his workshop tuning American cars.

The Crew

Abdullah will be part of every trip; Jurjen joins on longer expeditions. To complete the crew we will bring several crew members for each trip. On most trips we will also bring a cook.







1 billion


What to expect

From September to April, we venture into Oman’s remote Rub Al Khali desert. Now you can join us too, and experience driving deep into this true wilderness and out again. We offer short three day trips out of Muscat or full six day expeditions from Salalah if you wish to master the highest sand dunes in the world. All itineraries allow for a relaxed pace as we enjoy driving in the sand and take in the stunning nature all around.

Getting there

You’ll fly to Oman’s capital Muscat or the southern city of Salalah. Next morning, we’ll pick you up and present you the cars. Don’t worry, we come fully prepared for this adventure with plenty of food, drinks, camping gear, navigation and communication equipment, recovery gear, tools… everything!. Then we’ll set course for the Rub Al Khali desert, an endless sea of sand. We can go straight there or take a scenic route, crossing mountain passes or along the Indian Ocean coast.

Feel the sand beneath your feet

We’ll take it slowly at first to see how comfortable everybody is driving in the sand and teach you the basics if required or help you improve your skills. Then, for the few 100 kms, there is nothing but sand as we follow the planned route, often crossing sections of high dunes. Each dune crossing is a little adventure. Together, we’ll have to ‘read the sand’ to pick the easiest way to ascend and descend again. Often, it’s not that easy! We might get stuck but that is all part of the fun. Getting unstuck, which requires a team effort, is hard work but very rewarding.

A billion stars

Before sunset, we’ll find a nice place to make camp and soon you’ll be sitting around the campfire with a cold drink and the delicious smell of food on the grill. We do the cooking and help you set up your tents. Then, beneath a billion stars in the dark desert night sky we can share stories – or just enjoy the silence as we recharge for tomorrow. After two, three or four days in the sand, we’ll exit on the other side of the desert and head back to base, looking forward to a dip in the pool or the ocean. Why not celebrate our last night together over dinner and drinks at a 5-star hotel! Then, we’ll say goodbye and you will be a unique experience richer.


Limited Availability

Please note that we only operate a limited number of tours in the period September - April. We only take dedicated groups that book as one.

5 day Rub Al Khali expedition ex. Salalah

full moon tour (incl. full moon night drive)

50 %

14-18 October 2024

5 day Rub Al Khali expedition ex. Salalah

We can tailor an expedition to your wishes!

25 %

11-15 November 2024

5 day Rub Al Khali exploration ex. Salalah

open for registration

0 %

9-13 December 2024

Your Rub Al Khali expedition with Dunes and Stars!

no moon, expect to see the milky way in all its awe

0 %

24-28 February 2025